Why Eloping Is The Hottest Alternative To A Traditional Marriage

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Congratulations on your Engagement!

By Dave Westfall
Now that the exciting and romantic part – i.e. the proposal – is over with, it is time to get down to making plans for the next big event – the wedding itself! Wouldn’t it be great if you could just jump right from the engagement to the main event? Unfortunately, there is a massive amount of planning that lies between the two events and things are about to get tricky!

Planning your wedding should be a really special time in your life, but unfortunately it is one of the most stressful things that you will ever tackle. Not only do you have to deal with budgets, logistics, catering, venues and a whole host of issues, but everybody – and I do mean everybody – is going to have an opinion. Keeping both sets of parents happy and deciding which family members you should invite is a minefield. It sounds harsh, but during the planning of a wedding most couples end up fighting not just with each other but with friends and family. It’s not very romantic is it?

Finding The Solution

So are you doomed right from the start? No, of course not. You have a number of options that will help you through the planning :

  • If you are a strong willed person with a thick skin simply tell everyone that it is your day and you will do it your way!
  • If you have the funds, hire a wedding planner and leave her to it!
  • Grab your sweetheart and elope!

I don’t know about you but the only one of those options that sounds remotely romantic is eloping! Imagine running off to some romantic destination and tying the knot in secret. Not only is it romantic and adventurous, but it also lets you start married life without letting the wedding itself cause any stress! Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of eloping instead of having a traditional wedding.

Marriage traditions are changing. With more couples choosing to co-habit prior to marriage, it is becoming far less common for the bride’s family to pay for and arrange the wedding. An increasing number of couples are going the independent route and planning and funding their own weddings. With many of the old traditions becoming outdated, couples are seeking new and exciting options when it comes to getting married. What could be more exciting than eloping? Where traditional weddings come hand and hand with stress, elopement offers an opportunity for adventure!

Traditionally, eloping is something very spontaneous with little planning, but depending on where you choose there may be some notice required. However, the great thing about eloping is that the planning is easy. Check out some of the romantic boutique inns and bed & breakfasts listed on our countries pages, all of them have experience in hosting elopements and will be happy to help make arrangements for you. One of the big pluses of eloping is that you are able to combine your honeymoon and wedding into what we like to call an ‘elopacation’! Lots of couple choose a destination which offers plenty of attractions in order to make the most of their stay. For example, if you choose a lakeside inn for your elopement destination, you can extend your stay and make the most of the time you have to explore your beautiful surroundings.

Say Goodbye To The Complications

Planning a traditional wedding can get complicated, which is why many couples opt for a wedding planner to help them keep their planning on track. However, this can be expensive and when added to the cost of the wedding itself many couples end up having to take out loans to cover the wedding expenses,. Just take a look at some of the average costs of having a traditional wedding. Starting your new life together off with the weight of a hefty debt on your shoulders is not the best way to begin your marriage and yet many couples do exactly that! In the United States, the average traditional wedding carries a $25,000 price tag. With all inclusive elopement packages averaging around $2,500, this is a great way to get married. What would you do with the other 90% of your wedding budget? Maybe you could buy a car, or put down the deposit on your first home. In our ongoing poll about the reasons couples elope, 50% of participants choose elopement as a way to save money! Most elopements involve a very simple ceremony requiring little more than a license, an officiant and perhaps a witness. Extras such as flowers and photography can be booked via whichever elopement service you opt for and the entire wedding will work out far less expensive than a traditional ceremony and reception.

So where will you elope to? The top three U.S. Destinations at the moment as voted by our readers are Hawaii, Georgia and Colorado. Check out some of our suggested destinations for inspiration.


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