When To Elope?


York Harbor InnWhen Is The Best Time To Elope?

By Dave Westfall

One of the most common questions we get from couples who are considering elopement is ‘When should we elope?’ The truth is that there really is no short answer to that question. Like so many other facets of elopement it all comes down to your personal preferences. Traditionally, wedding ‘season’ runs from May through September, but as we should all know by now – traditional rules do not apply when it comes to eloping!

Elope When The Timing Is Right

When it comes to choosing when to elope, budget and location are usually the two biggest deciding factors. If you are thinking of getting married at a venue that hosts traditional weddings too, or which is a big tourist destination, then it may be a better option to choose a date that is off season. Not only will your location be little quieter allowing for a more intimate elopement, but the chances are fair that you will also be able to save a lot of money! The same goes for weekday elopements – for any wedding it is usually a little cheaper to get married on a weekday simply because weekends are much more popular among traditional weddings since the majority of friends and family will not have to work on weekends.

Speaking of work, another thing that is going to impact your choice regarding when to elope is choosing a time when both partners are able to take some time off from work that coincides. If you are planning to have a short (or an extended) elopacation then it will be necessary to co-ordinate vacation time at work. If this isn’t possible, then you may need to opt for a quick weekend elopement!

Taking The Destination Into Consideration

As noted, aside from the budget concerns and timing issues, where you choose to elope to is also going to be a big factor in choosing when to elope. Here are just a few things to consider in terms of some popular destinations.

  • mountain elopements – will snow make access to your venue dangerous in the Winter months?
  • beach elopements – have you checked the tides to see how they differ from season to season?
  • national parks and monuments – are there restrictions on opening times from season to season?
  • coastal elopements – is it hurricane season?

It is safe to say, that in terms of when to elope to certain destinations, the weather is what plays the biggest role in making a decision. Of course, there are plenty of elopement destinations where weather is fairly constant all year round such as California, Hawaii, Georgia and Florida to name just a few. However, there are just as many which are best avoided in the winter months since the roads are often impassable thanks to snow and ice.

The best advice that we can offer regarding when to elope is to thoroughly research your destination and/or venue and pinpoint the best time to plan your elopement. Don’t forget to check waiting times and application times for marriage licenses too – not everywhere can offer a quick turnaround!

When are you planning to elope?